About Us

Our company was founded in 2016 by MTKAR Automotive brand, as printing presses and molding, is working to become an important and well-established market in Turkey in producing various valves and fittings.

Always our company aims to further firm steps, all production and administrative staff works in a full team and every day technology investment, improving production capacity and quality of the performance, in line with changing customer demands era our parallel is increasing its product range by designing new products.

Priority targets for all our employees is Total Quality, Customer Satisfaction and Modern Management. We produce all of our products, or subjected to various tests in post-production and production, remove the quality rate hundred percent, we can not guarantee the quality.

Parallel to grow our age, there is only one goal of our dynamic team adapt to change, it is to wake up everyone in its industry for quality and confidence of the MTKAR Automotive brand.

Vision & Mission

Our era, changing market conditions, customer preferences and competitive environment; keeping in the forefront the quality we produce our products, as a reputable organization and forward; our vision to become the leading domestic and overseas markets.

MT-Kar Automotive, manufacturing and services are appropriate at a time of continuously improving quality activities to offer.

Quality Certificates

  1. Customer satisfaction to the highest level of corporate governance to achieve the level of
  2. Independent external control, internal audit and maximize your productivity
  3. Work with lean manufacturing system scheme build
  4. Competitive analysis to compete within the rules of ethics
  5. To gain a world brand in our country
  6. Human resource management system for all employees to apply objectively
  7. The interests of the country, keeping the interests of the company

Human Resources