The Locking Valve Is What? What does it do ?
The Locking Valve Is What? What does it do ?

Directional control valves hydraulic circuit elements that controls the direction of hydraulic oil. To connect a line to another line or closing control by hydraulic cylinder or hydraulic motor of the oil pump such that it can be transferred by directing the actuator to control the movement of the lines of allowing them to respond.

Pump in the hydraulic system between the user and the power transmission lines and arranged in accordance with the purpose of the connection is supplied.

Users expected from the force, torque, velocity, or the acquisition of operating quantities such as speed and direction for the protection of them in accordance with the conditions given in-line as the power control element, the valves are placed. These valves control of pressure and volumetric flow rate to be adjusted or allows. Each valve constitutes a resistance to the passage of fluid.

Hydraulic directional control valves hydraulic cylinders and motors to control the flow of the fluid in the lines and change the direction of movement is used to stop or start. Directional control valves can be run manually or automatically.

Autorun a mechanical motion, electrical signals, hydraulic power, or by compressed air can be controlled.

Although there are many varieties of directional control valves, they all have the same basic elements or by the combination of elements is made.